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Liquor Licensing

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With over 20 years’ combined experience on our team, Cappello Rowe Lawyers can provide impeccable advice and assistance in any situation related to liquor licensing.


Although liquor licensing has been a major legal issue within the hospitality for a number of years, in more recent times it has become a mainstream subject of public discussion. With recent law reforms concerning pubs, bars, restaurants and public event management, with the Cappello Rowe team’s extensive experience, you can ensure that your business adheres to and can navigate the liquor laws.

Although the requirements for obtaining and keeping a liquor license are strict; they are straightforward, so our team can offer effective advice in any situation relating to these laws.


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How do I go about obtaining a liquor license?

New South Wales liquor licenses are governed by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, within the state’s Trade and Investment portfolio.

To be eligible to obtain a liquor license, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training must be undertaken by licensees and staff of businesses from an accredited course provider. It is not sufficient to take the nationally accredited online RSA course in NSW.

In addition, there are different types of licenses available, which a business must understand. For detailed information on each type of license, consult the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.


 Are there risks involved in obtaining a liquor license?

Where alcohol is concerned, there will automatically be risks involved. Alcohol can be the cause of a number of social problems and violent incidents, therefore, being granted a liquor license means the owner and staff of a business need to be aware of the risks that can be involved. This means supplying alcohol in a responsible manner; refusing service to minors and individuals who are intoxicated, creating an environment where possible harm is minimized and ensuring steps can be taken to remove customers who pose harm to themselves or others around them.

It is imperative for businesses that serve alcohol to be aware they may be liable for any harm imposed on customers due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, is a business can provide evidence that it has followed all regulations and taken appropriate precautions to prevent excessive alcohol consumption, in turn minimising potential harm, that will provide a strong argument for dismissal of any allegations of neglect against a business.


How can Cappello Rowe Lawyers help when it comes to Liquor Licensing?

Licenses are put in place to protect you and your business, in addition to providing necessary information in regards to your rights and responsibilities. Cappello Rowe Lawyers’ team has extensive experience in representing and advising commercial operations as well as the public sector across regionals NSW and Sydney.

There may be a time when your business will face challenges that could potentially be detrimental to your brand and reputation; this is where Cappello Rowe Lawyers can help.

For advice on any aspect of liquor licensing in New South Wales, call Cappello Rowe Lawyers today on 02 8325 1520.

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