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Offering specialised services and exceeding the expectations of an impressive list of clients, Cappello Rowe ensures their clients’ needs always come first. Our team adopts a proactive approach to all legal issues and uses innovative problem-solving skills to resolve them.

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Case Study 1 Things change with time.


Sale complete. Tax time.

The Office of State Revenue (OSR) assesses a client's water transfer for Stamp Duty.

Bill shock.

The OSR issues a bill to the client for $100,000 payable in Stamp Duty.

Contact Cappello Rowe.

The client does the sensible thing before disputing the OSR assessment and contacts Cappello Rowe.

Cappello Rowe finds flaw

Cappello Rowe successfully demonstrate to the OSR that their manner of calculating duty had been flawed (for a number of years in fact!).

OSR agree

The OSR agree. They had failed to alter their assessment methodology to reflect constitutional changes in the water corporation.

Bill re-issued

The OSR recalculated the Stamp Duty payable and re-issue a bill for $10.

Case Study 2 Banks aren't flawless.


A simple refinance.

A client wishes to refinance their debt with a Major Bank.

Break-Fees aren't great.

Break-Fees on bill facilities are expected, this client didn't expect it to be $120,000.

Things don't add up. Contact Cappello Rowe.

The client checked his contract, and asked the bank to recalculate - the same figure was returned. The client does the right thing and contacts Cappello Rowe before going any further.

A different result?

Cappello Rowe liaises with the bank. Works through the contract terms with them and calculates all fees out of the system. The figure is vastly different.

Sights on the Computer system.

The Bank and Cappello Rowe enter discussions, the outcome, the initial figure is wrong, and the system isn't taking all terms into account.

From a negative to a positive... Fee.

The bank recalculates the break fee payable and re-issues a credit for $10,000 OWING TO OUR CLIENT.

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