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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes of any kind can be highly disruptive and unsettling, with potentially serious effects on your business and personal life. Expert legal assistance will make a huge difference in resolving your differences with others, allowing you to pursue your life and work in the knowledge that there is genuine support for your best interests.

The priority at Cappello Rowe is to assist you in resolving the immediate problem efficiently and effectively, minimising risk while keeping longer-term consequences firmly in view, so that you can resume your professional and everyday life as securely as possible.

Cappello Rowe is a full service litigation practice that delivers sound advice in all forms of litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Contract disputes

Contracts are among the fundamental legal documents and if they are breached or neglected the consequences for your business and even your personal life can be serious. Cappello Rowe legal team can negotiate, mediate or litigate on your behalf in relation to any kind of contract, with a genuine understanding of what its fulfilment will mean for your business.


Trade practices claims

Just as having contracts fulfilled is essential to the smooth running of any business, so appropriate business conduct is essential to the fairness and effectiveness of the marketplace. Cappello Rowe are highly experienced in resolving disputes over business behaviour, competition, codes of practice and false or misleading information, and in pursuing redress for businesses adversely affected by misconduct. The legal team will seek to resolve your dispute not only according to the terms of a contract or other agreement, but also bearing in mind its spirit and the overall expectations of your business.

Contact Cappello Rowe Lawyers for advice on dispute resolution

Disputes do not have to mean that your business activities have to stop or that you need to try and resolve matters on your own. Cappello Rowe Lawyers will advise, assist and represent you in any dispute resolution forum in an efficient and effective way, recognising your needs and your risks, and doing everything possible to ensure that you can carry on your business beneficially.

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