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Unpaid debts can seriously disrupt cash-flow and threaten business profits and viability. Cappello Rowe Lawyers are highly experienced in the process of debt recovery, whether the debt is small or large.

The first step in most cases is to issue a letter of demand to the debtor, notifying them that legal action will commence if the debt is not paid. In many cases this will be sufficient to recover the debt. If it is not, then mediation may well produce the desired results, but in some cases, when the debtor cannot be contacted or still refuses to pay the debt, then the case will need to go to court. Cappello Rowe Lawyers know all the legal options most likely to secure repayment of the debt, and will pursue these in a way that minimises risk and cost to your business and that will secure the amount owed as efficiently as possible.

Cappello Rowe have represented businesses of all kinds, in the city and in rural areas, and the team understands the different demands that cash-flow imposes on different businesses. You can rely on Cappello Rowe to act for you in a way that reflects the reality of your business.

For advice on any aspect of debt recovery in New South Wales, call Cappello Rowe Lawyers today on 02 8325 1520.