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Trademarks and Law

There are laws to protect the unique ideas and design that go into the products and services you offer, as well as the symbols and images that you use to represent and promote them. Unauthorised use of any of these can have serious consequences for your business and it could constitute theft or fraud.

The legal team understands the hard work and original thinking that go into creating a unique business, the risks and demands that all kinds of businesses have to face, and how to ensure fair treatment for businesses in law. Misuse of a business’s brand, identity or unique materials can be extremely damaging and must meet with a strong response. Cappello Rowe Lawyers have the energy and eminence of an established city firm and the directness and determination of a firm committed to its origins – and to originality.

The legal team will pursue your intellectual property case as far as it needs to go to secure a successful result, while minimising risk and disruption to your business.

Intellectual property disputes do not have to mean your business has to cease operating or that you have to seek resolution and redress on your own. Cappello Rowe Lawyers can assist and represent you in an efficient and effective way, doing everything possible to ensure that you can carry on your business beneficially.

For legal advice on any trademark or intellectual property dispute, call Cappello Rowe Lawyers today on 02 8325 1520 or contact us via email at info@cappellorowe.com.au


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