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Employment Law

Whether you are an employer seeking to establish balanced workplace conditions in your business, or an employee seeking justice for poor treatment at work, you will be engaging in one of the most keenly watched areas of Australian law.

Cappello Rowe Lawyers can advise and represent you no matter what your field of work is. The legal team offers mediation and litigation services across a wide range of businesses, in the commercial, public and professional sectors.

The priority at Cappello Rowe Lawyers is to find the most effective and efficient solution possible for the immediate problem, while keeping long-term consequences in view. This is the approach you need in an industrial relations case: to go on working, or to find new work, you will need certainty and legal security.

Cappello Rowe can assist you with:

  • Unfair dismissal – launching a claim, or defending one
  • Workplace harassment (sometimes called workplace bullying)
  • Discrimination, unfair treatment, victimisation
  • Workplace conditions
  • Enterprise agreements
  • Contracts
  • Debt recovery
  • Superannuation

Why choose Cappello Rowe Lawyers?

You can trust that advice from Cappello Rowe Lawyers will be clear and value for money. We aim to develop a longstanding relationship with our clients and their businesses to help them grow and prosper.