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The Firm

Cappello Rowe Lawyers is a modern and innovative firm, operating in both Sydney and Regional New South Wales and committed to delivering the highest quality commercial legal services.

Cappello Rowe partners with an impressive list of clients who recognise the benefits of working together with a specialised boutique firm.

The firm’s objective is to offer specialised services to commercial clients and deliver quality that exceeds all expectations. Cappello Rowe understands clients’ needs, adopting a proactive approach to all problem-solving and the resolution of any commercial legal issue.

Our History

Established in 2010 by Sarah Cappello and Andrew Rowe, Cappello Rowe Lawyers is fast earning recognition as a distinguished firm, with a respected record of successful dispute resolution.

Cappello Rowe Lawyers began its operations in Griffith and the firm still offers commercial legal services across large areas of regional New South Wales, particularly the Riverina and border region. On the strength of its successes there, the firm has since expanded to Sydney, with a fully-staffed office located in the legal hub of the CBD.

In January 2016, Cappello Rowe merged with Sydney based law firm, Gye Associates. This merger has significantly increased Cappello Rowe’s presence and legal resources in Sydney and enabled the firm to compete on a level playing field with many of Sydney’s large, established, law firms. Read our Merger Announcement blog post.

The combined focus on rural and urban settings has given Cappello Rowe Lawyers a unique perspective on the commercial legal challenges facing clients and businesses of all kinds. The firm has become respected for understanding the realities of its clients’ situations and for responding with tailored legal options.

Sarah Cappello

Andrew Rowe